Shall-Issue Concealed Carry gaining momentum all across the U.S.

More states adopting “Shall-Issue” Concealed Carry while others relax their existing Shall-Issue laws.

There are now more than 40 states that have either “Shall-Issue” CCW permit laws OR “Constitutional Carry” which allows concealed carry without a permit, at least within that state.

The number of states that have “Constitutional Carry” has now expanded to four: Arizona, Alaska, Wyoming, and Vermont.  In these states, if you pass the Federal “instant” background check, you can receive your gun immediately over-the-counter, load it, conceal it or wear in openly, and walk out the door without further ado.  No tests, no classes, no permits required.  On the other hand, if you wish to take advantage of multi-state reciprocity, you can apply for a written CCW permit in addition to your in-state open or concealed carry without a permit.

Many states are also making it easier on their permit holders, by either lengthening the duration of the permit, making it cheaper, or reducing the amount of class time needed to meet the state requirements.  These relaxations or rational changes have occurred because most states have found that the CCW permittees are not a crime problem so there is less reason to try to set a high bar to jump over.  Some states were originally somewhat skeptical about issuing lots of CCW licenses due to exaggerated fears of crimes or accidents, but after the laws were in place for a few years, they realized that their original obstructionism was an excessive reaction that was inappropriate.