Is there a good source of randomly collected evidence to use in the gun control debate?

How can we find evidence that may not be completely compromised by Media prejudice and selective reporting?

The first thing to do is figure out if there is information that is not collected or edited by people primarily on either side of the self-defense vs. gun control debate.

Clearly, anything that is published or broadcast in the Mainstream Media will probably reflect their personal prejudices or pre-existing emotions.  The days of responsible, neutral reporting have been largely extinct since 1970 at the latest.  Numerous studies and books have been produced in that interval and they consistently show that 65-90% of the Editors, Managers, Reporters, Investigators, and Researchers are liberals, Democrats or even farther Left, and those groups almost always favor gun control and oppose self-defense by law-abiding citizens.  To expect neutral reporting from such an unbalanced sample is largely a fantasy, despite the few reporters who actually report all the facts, and just the facts.  This can be self-verified by simply examining the expansive, hostile, long-term repetitive way that news outlets report crimes compared to the almost non-existent coverage of acts of self-defense, which are typically covered, if at all, in the inner pages and not followed up beyond two days after the incident.  Have you ever seen an “Anniversary Special” story on any incident of self-defense?  How many “Anniversary Specials” have you noticed on crimes committed with firearms?  Q.E.D.

Wouldn’t it be difficult and expensive to collect a broad range of stories on self-defense incidents?  Well, there are several such sites that try to do exactly that, but they largely suffer from their own dependence on the Mainstream Media to provide the original article.  And if it isn’t reported in the first place, or hidden in the inner pages, who is going to find the story?  Remember that many ordinary citizens who defend themselves, their loved ones, or their businesses have strong, valid reasons not to share their stories or make their names or faces known.

Luckily, the miracle of the Internet has made the collection of self-defense incidents easier for people to do, and then share with others.  We are talking about YouTube (™) and other such online websites and personal blogs.  There are now millions of local surveillance video cameras and tens of millions of private cameras that can catch fleeting, unplanned incidents.  Best of all, the postings on YouTubs (™) are, as far as we can tell, rarely censored by politically correct editors.  Most such incidents occur in public places and there is little legal “expectation of privacy”.  It seems that the main restriction is that the websites may remove an identifiable crime victim if the victim requests the video’s removal for safety or privacy reasons, or remove a video that is too gory. Since most self-defense incidents do not result in gory fatalities, it seems that most videos can be posted.  Even if the original story is reported by the Mainstream Media, sites like YouTube (™) and blogs preserve the evidence much longer, so it doesn’t fall into the “memory hole of history”.

So go ahead and do some searches in YouTube (™), Yahoo (™), and other sites, using search terms like “CCW holder saves cop” or “11 year old girl drives away 2 armed home invaders” or “Citizen saves woman from attacker” or “Colorado church attacked by gunman” or “Jeanne Assam” or “15 yr old boy uses AR-15 to shoot intruder” or “14 yr old shoots armed home intruder while protecting siblings” or “Teen Mom Sarah McKinley Kills Intruder while on phone with 911” or “Child shoots Intruder — Port Allen, LA” or “Carjacker killed by gun permit holder” or “armed samaritan shoots attacker, saves woman” or “security guard shoots AR-15 at gun-wielding couple…” or “gunfight caught on tape: store owner vs. 2 armed robbers” or “caught on tape: armed homeowner fights off armed gunmen” or “Police: store owner shoots would-be robber” or “Video: Senior citizen wins shootout with crooks”  or “robber shot to death when off-duty cop pulls in for gas” or “security guard with the mindset and skill” or “watch robbers run for the door after woman shoots at them” or “armed robbery goes wrong, shootout in Texas convenience store” or “Good guy 1, Bad guy 0, CCW in action unedited” and a hundred other variants on those themes.

We’ve found hundreds of these incidents and remember that many places do not have surveillance cameras, so the vast majority of self-defense incidents undoubtedly go unrecorded.