About Us

The Center For The Study Of Crime was founded in 1989 to provide high quality firearms safety training, public speaking on firearms and self-defense, research, innovative analysis, and outreach to the public and lawmakers so that they could see the Big Picture that results from assembling the multiple pieces of the jigsaw puzzle.  We did this because we noticed that the topics of crime, self-defense, firearms safety, gun control, and Constitutional law are so vast that it is nearly impossible for most people to ever see or hear, much less understand, the hundreds of Gigabytes worth of information and verbiage available to even a casual researcher.

Over the last two decades, our speakers, writers, and trainers have become so well-respected that we have been featured speakers at an NRA Annual National Convention, at the national 2005, 2002, and 1994 Gun Rights Policy Conferences of 2nd Amendment organizations, at legislative hearings, at Bar Association panel discussions, at public and private schools from Elementary to Grad Schools, at civic groups, at political party debates, as guests on TV shows, as guests on Talk Radio programs both nationally and locally, and as writers of Op-Eds in several major newspapers.  We have even developed a uniquely effective method for debates and presentations, which practically guarantees victory.

Our staffers have also conducted many range classes in firearms safety, and invented specialized debate techniques and taught innovative debate classes for people who wish to become more effective self-defense, anti-crime, 2nd Amendment representatives.

Since there is so much information that we could publish here, we simply can’t put up everything.  If you have specific questions or you have an idea for an important topic to cover, please send us a comment!  We enjoy helping people learn about these fields because accurate information helps the entire country and defends the Constitution!