Previous Speaking Engagements

Over the two decades since our founding, we have become known as one of the best organizations to appear in public debates, media interviews, and self-defense or 2nd Amendment conventions.  We bring a fresh, innovative, thoroughly tested presentation to any media or civic group who would like to hear a speaker who doesn’t just repeat the same old weak arguments.  We have invented and perfected the techniques and strong sound bites that leave the opposition frustrated and feeling defeated.

A short list of our appearances include:

Three appearances as an invited speaker at the national Gun Rights Policy Conference, held once a year for the 2nd Amendment community; 1990, 1994, 2005.

Invited speaker at the NRA national convention in Minneapolis, MN.

Organized many classes for mostly beginning shooters, including a range day that attracted 75 people and had a dozen instructors.

Developed and taught many debate/talkradio 8 hour seminars to train people in the best methods for debating self-defense, gun control, and public policy.  Formal debate techniques often fail in the rough-and-tumble world of modern political confrontation, so we analyzed the techniques and facts to figure out what actually worked well, then incorporated those lessons into our Debate/Talkradio Seminars.  Students pay a modest fee (usually around $25), but we have never had a request for a refund or a complaint that the class was not as good as other sources of training in this field.  Our methods are a step ahead of everyone else’s.

Invited speaker at gun control debate at Loyola Marymount College, Los Angeles

TV channel 9 in Los Angeles news debate

TV channel 8 in San Diego news debate program

KROQ radio in Los Angeles 1.5 hours news debate program

KHVH radio in Hawaii 2 hours

Univ. of Southern California Law School gun control debate organized and moderated by the nationally known liberal attorney, Erwin Chemerinsky.  Our side won the debate and afterwards, many people were crowding around our debaters, wanting to know more.  There were far fewer people crowding around Mr. Chemerinsky and his side’s debaters, so they hadn’t acquired many converts.

Invited panelist for a gun control debate at an international Leftist lawyers’ conference in San Diego, CA.  We convinced many members of that Leftist group that the 2nd Amendment and self-defense were desirable principles for most everybody.  After the event was over, many of them came up to our panelists and told us that they had never heard the concept of self-defense rights and they could now understand what the U.S. Constitution and the 2nd Amendment were all about.  One of them even stole one of my example books on the 2nd Amendment right out of my hands and loudly rejected my request to give it back, because it was fairly expensive and it was the only one I owned.  He said, “I must have this book!  I will take it back to my country so I can educate the oppressed people regarding the proper rights of a free people!  I will pay you whatever you ask for, but I will not give it back to you!”  Smiling, I gladly accepted the payment from my new-found acolyte.

Main Invited panelist for a gun control debate at Harbor College, Los Angeles area, CA

Invited speaker or debater at several high schools and junior high schools, 1995-2015

Invited panelist to Junior State, a Calif. statewide convention of high school political science and civic government students, for a gun control debate against one of the Officers of the Million Moms organization.  After the debate was finished, he was overheard talking to his organization staffers and supporters, “Damn!  Do you ever have one of those days when your brain just isn’t working right?”  We often have that effect on our opponents.